Tuesday, 26 June 2007

Fan art!

Received this one by email - cheers Jamie!

Sunday, 17 June 2007

Gig @ Brighton Frocks

I was asked recently by my friend Liz Bishop to play at a fashion show she was organising, and it turned out to be one hell of an event (with one hell of an afterparty - didn't fully recover for 2 days..).

You can check out the event @ www.myspace.com/brightonfrocks

I played Accordian outside on the lawn, as the queue walked in - performing the majority of the accordion tracks from the Amelie soundtrack - La Valse d'Amelie, L'autre valse d'Amelie, La Noyee, A Quai, La Valse des Monstres, Soir de Fete - I had some great compliments, a few people dancing, and at least 5 or 6 people asking me if I was playing Amelie..!

Fan art!

I was sent this on myspace.. I love how she's even drawn the YouTube player..!


A Quai

New video I posted a couple of days ago. Possibly my favourite all-time Tiersen piece...

Saturday, 16 June 2007

First Post.

La Valse d'Amelie Piano - 172,384 views and counting!

YouTube, and all the people who have posted comments, or sent me messages, this is here because of you. So many of you have shown a great interest and belief in me, so many of you have said such wonderful things about my playing, so many of you share with me this one common love for the sheer beauty of Yann Tiersen's music.. how it touches us through shivers, like a gentle breath on skin... how it mourns to our hearts, like nothing save the tears of a child... wistful, innocent, true.

Fitting then, that I would like to start this journey with a thankyou, a big thankyou to all of you for your words of encouragement.. when I am performing, whether out at a gig or simply practising at home, I will hope that somehow I am playing for you.. the grateful listener. This beautiful music, these wondrous sounds, were not designed to fall on deaf ears. After spending so many hours learning these songs note-for-note and recording these videos, it is truly a joy to know that so many of you have enjoyed my accomplishments.

La Valse d'Amelie

After so many of your kind words, I feel confidence and a burning desire to create, to grasp in the dark with these fingers.. can I find a voice somewhere, half as perfect as the one I mimic? I only care to find out, and in my journey to seek the answers I will use this blog to keep anyone interested up to date with all my goings-on - original music samples, pictures of performances, and of course.....videos.

If you have any questions you would like me to answer please send them over and I will try and answer them here (click the link on the right or send an email to info@davethomasmusic.co.uk), but please remember, I don't use sheet music so I honestly can't help you in that department.

To start us off, here is a sample of the first Piano song I ever wrote, a few weeks after watching Amelie.

It's called The Narrator.